Development proposals for 2018


  • Reconstruction and concreting of drains at Panchikawatte Road, 132 & 110 estates.


  • Reconstruction of public toilets in Bonvista flats.
  • Construction of rain water drainage systems at G.No.51, St. Mary's Cross Road, Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15.
  • 60/14, Housing Complex, construction of rain water drainage systems at Modara Sri Pannananda Mw.

Aluthkade East

  • Repairing the 111/1 and 111/37 ways of 111 garden in Abdul Hameed Street, Colombo 12.
  • Renovation of the access road 111/97 of 111, Abdul Hameed Street, Colombo 12.
  • Rehabilitation and concreting of the water pumping system using the 6mm pipe with the completion and covering of the drainage system of the 247 drainage system at Colombo 12.
  • Rehabilitation of 4 toilets and 189 sanitary units in 189 Watana of Muriniya Street, Colombo 12.
  •  G.No. 75 Construction of the Abdul Hameed Street Waste Disposal System.

Kochchikade North

  • Reconstruction of Kochchikade Anthony Mosque.

Kochchikade south

  • Renovation of public toilets and bathrooms in 185,35,38,28,103,84 watte at Jinthupitiya Division
  • concreting renovation of toilets and bathroom in 168,128,156,125,151 watte and concreting and renovation of drain in 42 watte
  • Reconstruction of access roads to access roads, concrete, gates and toilets at access road to 100,112 and 176 of Jampata Street, Colombo 13.


  • Construction of public toilets near Modera, St. James Church and construction of a wall around the side and fixing a covering fence on it.


  • Concreting and drainage of 310 garden in Walphandale road, Colombo 13.


  • Concreting of Enterring road to 1/50 houses in pichchamal watte , sammanthranapura, mattakkuliya.
  • Costruction of sewer line  At G.No.27 ,ST Marys Lane ,Mattakkuliya,Colombo 15.
  • Construction of the first floor of the Blumendel Housing Complex and renovation of the Community Hall.

Grandpass South

  • Construction of a vollyball near Vijayaba Vidyalaya pavillian.


  • Reconstruction of 55,53,41 estate at Sumheerama Road in Kotahena.
  • Reconstruction of 268 estate, Aluthwatte, Kotahena.


  • Installing new lightening lamps around the 4th building of the Muwadora Uyana 4th building, repairing lightening lamps in public places within the building complex, filling the enamel paints and emulsions around the building.
  • Renovation of the main hall and the Yellowwall system of the Kolaboda Vidyalaya.
  • Concreting 233 Watta Mahawatta Road

Kotahena West

  • Construction of Jumpta Sandy Paving Road, Kotahena.
  • For construction of a toilet and a bathroom for 103 families in Jampata Sita 151 in Colombo 13.
  • Building a front dining hall for 103 families in Jampata Sita 151 in Colombo 13 (Reception hall - First floor).
  • Construction of an indoor sports ground for 103 families in Jampata 151 Estate in Colombo (Reception Hall - Ground Floor).
  • Construction of 2 toilets and a bathroom for 103 families in Jampata Sita 151 in Colombo 13 and construction of a storage room (Reception Hall - Ground Floor).
  • Community Hall for 103 families in Jampata 151 Estate, Colombo 13 (Reception Hall - First floor).
  • Construction of 2 toilets and a bathroom for 103 families in Jampata Sita 151 in Colombo 13 (Reception hall - First floor).
  • Preparation of 02 gravel on both sides of the Jampata Lane in the main junction.
  • Construction of a new culvert at 77/37 on Jampata Lane Road and carpeting on the main road.
  • Construction of Basketball Course at St. Anthony's College, Colombo 13.


  • Installation of street lamps for common places.


  • Construction of the senior section of the upper section of Hiyarya College, 4th Floor.


  • covered with glass Buddha Mandiraya at Sri Daharma Vijayaramaya,Nawagampura,Colombo 14


  • Completion of the Dhamma School Building in Sri Rahula Dhamma School, Kelani Nadee Viharaya, Fergian Road, Colombo 15.

News & Events

 Pirith Ceremony 2019

Pirith Ceremony 2019

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The Dhamma discourse of Poson Poya

The Dhamma discourse of Poson Poya

   The Dhamma discourse of Poson Poya...

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