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How to get to the Colombo Divisional Secretariat?

  • Come to the Dam Street form Gunasinghepura or Gaspaha,Then the building near to police station the Colombo Divisional Secretariat.

Inquiries regarding Domain of Grama Niladhari Division

  • No Grama Niladhari Domain No. for 35 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Must the owner be present when registering business names?

  • The owner of the business must present and should bring the National Identity Card.

What are the documents required for dealing with the bank's money and the mortgaged goods of a deceased person?

  • Death certificate of the deceased person
  • Death certificate of the deceased person
  • Documents related to the applicants' affidavits (birth certificates, marriage certificates)
  • Affidavit statements that there is no objection to offer the applicant money or goods if there are other members
  • National Identity Card.

When transferring the names of electricity bills, What documents will be brought?

  • Deans proving the ownership of the place
  • The letter confirming ownership of the Housing Development Authority or the Urban Council
  • National Identity Card

Social Services Division

How to get nutrition allowance Rs. 20,000 / = for pregnant mothers?

  • You can obtain an application from the Early Childhood Development Officer of the Divisional Secretariat the maternity clinic you attended before the pregnancy expires 3 months or From the officer in charge of this program

Who can get educational assistance?

  • If children's father has a dead or crippling disability, children who go to school can get bursaries.

{sliderHow to register an NGO?|closed}

  • NGO when 1 year after the start then can be registered when submit the documents

Can Samurdhi Benefits be available?

  • Currently, new beneficiaries are not selected and appeals will be accepted in the future.

What are the eligibility requirements for adult assistance?

  • More than 70 years of age on the date of application
  • Family income is Rs. 3000 or less

One person may apply for this from a husband or wife.

Additional District Registrar Division

How to get Birth, Marriage or Death certificates?

  • If you know  the number and date of birth or marriage, death certificate is 100.00 rupees,
  • If you do not know the date of birth or the marriage or death certificate and do not know the number, you can get certificates worth Rs 200 / =.
  • Certificates can be obtained from the Colombo Divisional Secretariat only if a birth, marriage or death occurred in the Colombo District.

How to register BirthsHow to register Births?

  • .A register of a birth registry meeting of the relevant station three months prior to the birth of the birth registration to register the birth should be registered.
  • You should contact the Additional District Registrar for registration of births which were three months old and obtain relevant information.

How to do the revision of the birth certificate?

  • Visit the Additional District Registrar with relevant documents.

Pension Section

How can a widow's orphans' pension be paid after the death of a civil pensioner?

  • First, get the death certificate of the pensioner and stop the pension.
  • If you have extra money, contact the bank to receive it.
  • Then inform the relevant person to bring the following documents.
    • Original copy of the death certificate of the pensioner
    • The original copy of the widow's certificate
    • Original marriage certificate
    • A photocopy of the widow's bank account
    • Photocopy of the Widow's Identity Card
    • A photocopy of a widow orphan card or a widow orphan number
    • Certain color passport certified by the Grama Niladari
    • All photocopies of the above documents should be certified by the Grama Niladari.
  • After making the relevant information, make a file and arrange for the creation of a widow's orphans' pension.

{sliderWhy is the pensioner's pension stopped?|closed}

  • Stop the pension for not issuing the Life Certificate for the relevant year.
  • Inform the life certificate after attending the pensioner and inform the Grama Niladhari to take it.
  • Subsequently, once the life certificate is renewed, the pension will be updated.

Why is not the payment of pensions to the heirs after the death of the widow?

  • According to the Widows Orphans' Pension Act, a person who has the right to widows' & orphans' pensions after the death of the person, if there is a salary or a sum of money, should notify the legal provisions in order to pay them to their heirs.

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